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Stiff Ankle Treatment Options: Improve Your Stability and Mobility

Apr 15, 2024

It’s easy to take your ankles for granted — until they start causing you problems. If you have ankle stiffness, prompt medical treatment can help prevent complications leading to long-term disability. Here’s how we can help.
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Ready to Up Your Mileage? Avoid These Common Runner's Injuries

Mar 02, 2024

Running is good for your health, both physically and emotionally. But it’s also an activity with lots of injuries. These steps can help prevent injuries so you can continue to enjoy your sport without prolonged interruptions.
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7 Signs It's Time to Consider Bunion Surgery

Feb 05, 2024

vBunions commonly cause foot pain and often respond well to early, conservative intervention. When those methods fail, bunion surgery can help you find much-needed relief for your painful symptoms. Here’s when surgery makes sense.
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Cold Laser Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis: What to Expect

Jan 08, 2024

Is morning foot pain part of your daily routine? Then, you could have plantar fasciitis, a condition involving inflammation and tissue injury in the sole of your foot. The good news is that cold laser therapy can help. Here’s how.
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Our Favorite Wintertime Foot Care Tips

Dec 14, 2023

Winter is here, and in New York, that means cold wind and dry air, indoors and outdoors. That can be bad news for your feet, but these simple tips can help.
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Signs It's Time to Retire Your Running Shoes

Oct 01, 2023

If you’re like most runners, you’re pretty devoted to your running shoes. But if your shoes show signs of wear, you could be putting yourself at risk of serious injuries. Here’s how to tell when to replace your beloved footwear.
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Do Bunions Resolve on Their Own?

Sep 02, 2023

Bunions are a common cause of foot pain for millions of people. The good news: Medical treatment can help — but is it always necessary? We have the answer in this post.
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How Lasers Help Heal Your Foot Problems

Aug 01, 2023

Lasers are used in many medical specialties and treatments, including podiatry. If you have foot pain, here’s how lasers could help you find relief and improve your mobility.
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7 Problems That Are Linked to Hammertoe

Jul 01, 2023

Hammertoe affects lots of women and men, but fortunately, it can be treated. Here, learn seven complications associated with hammertoe that we can address with prompt, appropriate care.
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What Causes Flat Feet?

Jun 01, 2023

Flat feet might not sound like a big deal, but they can cause a lot of painful symptoms. The good news: We have solutions that can help. Understanding the causes and symptoms of flat feet can help you decide when it’s time to seek treatment.
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Helpful Tips for Preventing Injury to Your Achilles Tendon

May 11, 2023

Your Achilles tendon allows you to walk, run, and even stand. But, if it’s inflamed or torn, you can wind up with discomfort and disability. Here’s what you can do to protect it from injury.
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What Happens if I Ignore My Ankle Sprain?

Apr 06, 2023

Ankle sprains are common, but that doesn't mean ignoring them or delaying care is OK. Here's what can happen if you don't get prompt medical attention for your ankle symptoms.
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How Custom Orthotics Can Help Your Feet and Joints

Mar 14, 2023

If you think foot problems only affect your feet, think again. They can also affect your knees, hips, and lower back, making it painful to walk, climb stairs, or even stand still. The good news is custom orthotics can help. Here’s how.
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When Does an Ingrown Toenail Require Surgery?

Feb 07, 2023

Ingrown nails are a common — but painful — foot condition. While some ingrown nails can be managed at home with conservative treatments, that’s not the case for everyone. Read on to identify three signs that your ingrown nail may require surgery.
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