Flat Feet

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Flat Feet

Flat Feet services offered in Staten Island and Midtown Manhattan and New York, New York, NY

Flat feet may or may not cause pain in children, but the problem almost always leads to discomfort in adults. Whether or not you or your child has symptoms, flat feet require expert care from our team of board-certified podiatrists at Forward Foot & Ankle Associates in Midtown Manhattan and Staten Island, New York. When you’re concerned about flat feet or need help with foot pain, don’t put off seeking help. Call the nearest office or request an appointment online today.

Flat Feet Q & A

What causes flat feet?

Flat feet occur when the arches partly or completely collapse. There are several types of flat feet:

Pediatric flat feet

Babies and toddlers naturally have flat feet until their bones mature and strong arches form. However, some children don’t develop normal arches and without treatment, they still have flat feet as adults.

If you’re concerned about your child’s arches, don’t wait to have them evaluated. The team at Forward Foot & Ankle Associates can recreate pediatric arches before it’s too late.

Flexible flat feet

When children or teens have flat feet, they usually have flexible flat feet. Their arches are noticeable when sitting, but flatten when standing. Though uncommon, some children may have rigid flat feet if they have an underlying bone problem.

Adult-acquired flat feet (fallen arches)

You develop adult-acquired flat feet when another health condition affects your arches. Though a fracture or arthritis can cause flat feet, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) is the most common cause.

PTTD is a progressive condition, but early treatment can stop the progression and improve your symptoms. By comparison, lack of treatment results in severe flat feet, early arthritis, and limited mobility.

What symptoms does flat feet cause?

Some children may not have symptoms; others will struggle with pain and discomfort. Adult-acquired flat feet cause symptoms right from the start.

Children and adults may experience symptoms such as:

  • Pain or cramping in the foot, leg, knee, or hip
  • Shin splints (pain along the shin bone)
  • Foot and leg fatigue
  • Clumsiness when walking
  • Difficulty wearing shoes
  • Inward ankle rolling
  • Pain that’s worse during physical activities
  • Reduced energy when participating in physical activities

If your child doesn’t complain about pain, you may notice they tire easily or don’t want to participate in physical activities.

How is flat feet treated?

Forward Foot & Ankle Associates design each person’s treatment based on the cause and severity of their flat feet. The various treatments recommended for flat feet include:

  • Orthotic arch supports
  • Supportive shoes
  • Foot or leg braces
  • Physical therapy
  • Weight loss
  • Medications (to reduce pain and inflammation)

Some people may need reconstructive surgery to realign and rebuild the bones, reconstruct tendons, lengthen the Achilles tendon, fuse the bones, or make other repairs.  

If you’re concerned about arch problems in you or your child, or need help for foot pain, call Forward Foot & Ankle Associates or request an appointment online today.


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